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Three tips to help reduce the 'BIRTH FEAR'

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Once we become pregnant we become open to everyones opinions.

"They didn't let me do that in my day."

" I was in bed for 5 weeks after my birth."

"My baby ruined my body."

Really useful things for us to be hearing on the run up to our birth!

So why do you feel the 'birth fear?'

Take TV for example. Most of the births that you will watch will not of been the calm birth that you are dreaming of. The births on TV and used for entertainment so there will be a lot of screaming, shouting at the birth partner, things not going to plan . . . all the things that will make it entertaining to watch.

Woman fearful of birth - Hypnobirthing Wakefield

All these images will be stored in our subconscious mind and as soon as we become pregnant our brain will remind us of them which can lead up to being in a state of panic.

But here's the thing . . . not every birth needs to be dramatic.

It can be a calm and positive experience but you will need to put in the work to reframe the way you feel about birth.

Here are 3 tips to stop the 'birth fear' that you can start today which will help you to change the way you think about birth so that you can begin to look forward to your upcoming birth rather than fear it.

Stop 'birth fear' Tip 1

Step away from the remote and stop watching dramatic births on TV programmes and in films. There are lots of amazing birth videos on YouTube. Have a search and think about the things you could use from them in your birth.

Stop 'birth fear' Tip 2

Preparation is key. Approach planning for birth like you would plan for a wedding or party. Knowing they type of birth you want and where you would like to give birth is a great start. Visiting your chosen place of birth if this is possible will mean you are familiar with the environment and you will hopefully have the opportunity to speak to the staff.

Stop 'birth fear' Tip 3

We have thousands of thoughts every day and if the majority of thoughts you have about birth then this can massively impact your mindset when it comes to birth. Displaying positive birth affirmations where you will see them everyday can help to reframe how you feel about birth. My favourite is 'What the mind believes the body achieves.'

A Hypnobirthing birthing course is great way to practice these techniques as well as learning a whole variety of tools that will have a positive impact on your upcoming birth including: breathing techniques, learning about the birth process, how your birth partner can support you during pregnancy and birth and a whole lot more.

I run a 'Introduction to Hypnobirthing' session every month. I also offer group courses and 1:1 courses which can be completely tailored to the birth that you are hoping for. I will be here for you from the point you book you course until after your baby is born along with a 1:1 chat around your due date where you can ask questions or we can have a look over your birth preferences.

Kelly x x x


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