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What is baby massage and 5 reasons you will love it

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

“Wow they didn’t have that in my day” a sentence I frequently hear.

In reality, baby massage has been around for centuries. Historians have found evidence of the use of baby massage from 3000 years ago in regions such as India, Africa, New Zealand and more. In fact, in these regions baby massage is still seen as a vital part of a baby’s care.

Whilst visiting an orphanage in India Vimala McClure in the early 1970’s she witnessed the power of massage first hand as the children where malnourished but due to infant massage they were thriving.

She took the methods home with her to the United States and went on to write her book ‘Infant massage: A guide for loving parents’ and set up her training school for baby massage instructors.

Baby massage is a range of Swedish and Indian massage techniques, coupled with reflexology and stretches which can boost circulation, aid in development of organs and the brain, alleviate pain for things such as trapped wind and teething and can also help with sleep too.

It is truly amazing.

Read on to find out just 5 of the ways that baby massage can help not only your baby but your too:

Reason 1:

Baby massage is a way for you to deepen the loving bond with your baby. Life is busy and hectic, especially if you have other children and home and so baby massage is a time when you can be fully tuned in to your baby, reading their cues and having lots of lovely eye contact.

Reason 2:

When you massage your baby the amazing hormone oxytocin is released in both of you. Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone and can help you both relax, feel calm and content and completely in the moment with your baby.

Reason 3:

You will be fully equipped with a tool kit of strokes and movements that can help to bring relief to your baby when they are in pain or discomfort. When you touch your baby, these receptors reach the brain before their brain receptors and so they are instantly soothed and also endorphins will be released which are 300x more powerful than morphine.

Reason 4:

Massage improves your baby’s circulation and sends nutrients and oxygen to their developing systems throughout their body for example their digestive system.

It also helps them to make connections between their body parts which can help in their milestone developments such as rolling, crawling and walking.

Reason 5:

You will meet other new parents that you can talk to and ask advice. Having others around you that understand what you are going through can be really beneficial at a time when you are at your most vulnerable. Becoming a parent, whether that is for the first, second or fifth time can be a really isolating and lonely time and having a group of others around you who understand is amazing.

If you would like to try baby massage for you self, click the button below to access my free tummy routine which is designed to help your little one if they are suffering from trapped wind or constipation. Simply click the button below to access it.

If you have any questions about baby massage or would like to learn more about any of my courses then get in touch using the form on my website.

Kelly xxx

Here are some reviews from my lovely mummies:

"I started taking my son to Baby Bliss massage classes when he was just a few months old...Kelly is such a lovely, friendly teacher and helped us feel at ease right away!! The classes are adapted as the baby gets older and my now 10 month old loves the songs and yoga aspects. Kelly really goes the extra mile just to make every mum feel special, the extra touches like water and a brownie at the classes really make a difference.

Would highly recommend Kelly’s classes to anyone!!"

"Loved every week at Baby Bliss, something different all the time. The instructor was so friendly too plus got to meet other lovely mums to chit chat too as well. Cannot wait for future sessions."

"Amazing baby massage class, can't wait for baby yoga. Thank you Kelly for being an amazing teacher and thank you so much for the canvas. We love it. See you again soon."

"This class is the most amazing class me and my little girl could go too. I got a lot of confidence and met the most lovey mums ever, thank you for every thing."


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