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Why is it important to birth like a mammal?

Sounds weird right? But we can learn so much from how a mammal gives birth!

Still not convinced? Read on to find out why . . .

We can gain a lot of tips from how an animal gives birth to their babies.

Think about it logically . . . take a cat for example. When they become pregnant they don't book an appointment with a midwife, read a birthing book or take an antenatal course. They follow their instincts, knowing that when the time comes to give birth, their body and baby will know exactly what to do.

So where would a cat choose to give birth do you think?

They will find somewhere that they feel safe. It would be a space that is dark or dimly lit, private and confined. Somewhere they know that are unlikely to be disturbed and watched. They follow their instincts to find the perfect place to give birth for them.

Female cat with her litter

It has been shown that the majority of mammals birth comfortably as they are calm and secure in their birthing environment so the necessary hormones can be produced to support them.

Switch back to humans. We often give birth in a bright, unfamiliar environment where we are regularly disturbed.

For the perfect environment for birthing hormone production to support us during labour we need the following things:

Feel safe

Feel at home

Not be disturbed

Dim lighting

The good news is that wherever you choose to give birth you can make adjustments to the environment to make sure that these are met. Read on below to read some of my tips on this.

Feel safe - make sure that you have a birth partner that you trust and are comfortable with. If there is a problem with a member of you care team then speak out. Don't worry about offending anyone, you sometimes instantly know if you are going to get on with someone or not.

Feel at home - if you are birthing away from home then take things with you that remind you of home. Cushions, blankets, scents, photos anything that you know will make you feel more at home. Download your favourite music or tv shows/films to help to keep you occupied. This will also help you to produce endorphins, our bodies natural pain relief which is around 300% stronger than morphine. Winner!

Do not disturb - in your birth preferences you can state that you would like questions to be directed at your birth partner, that hushed tones are used and that discussions will take place outside your room so that you are disturbed for the least amount of time possible.

Dim lighting - ask your care providers to turn down the lights. This will make you feel safe and helps the production of oxytocin, the love hormone with is essential in birth. Using battery operated candles with also help to make the environment feel more cosy and relaxing.

A hospital birth environment catering for water birth

There are so many different ways to create a calm birth environment if you are not in surroundings that you are familiar with.

During a Hypnobirthing course, we will go through this in more depth along with a more in depth understanding of how out brains are different to a mammals brain and ways in which we can over come this. Your birth partner will also have an important role in helping you to create an environment that you feel safe and happy in. We will also look at how to write your birth preferences so that your care team know your wishes.

Hypnobirthing can really be in invaluable tool for your birth experience and outcomes. Make sure to read my blog post Three tips to help reduce 'BIRTH FEAR' to find out more.

Kelly xxx


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