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Mini explorers in a developmental play class that allows your little one to explore their environment using all their senses whilst being supported by you.

Each week is themed and each activity linked to the theme.

It also allows you time to connect with other parents to ask questions and make new friends.


BENEFITS OF mini explorers

There are so many amazing benefits of  developmental play, for both you and your little one.

Read on to learn about a few of them.

developmental play class wakefield - two children playing together


This is a really social class. Young children are often unable to verbally communicate and so they will begin to initiate play by offering you equipment or pulling your hand to take you where they would like to be.

You can also encourage the use of certain words in a context for example describing the texture of things or the sound of things.


Each activity is open ended which allows your little one to explore in any way they like. There is no right or wrong and they can let their imagination take them where ever they want to go.

It also allows them to become more familiar with all their senses as they are able to touch, smell, taste and hear what they are exploring.

messy play wakefield - boy exploring the porridge
toddler play class wakefield - baby getting messy

physical skills

It allows them to manipulate using their hands, either by simply using just their hands or using tools to scoop, pour or dig. This helps them to develop the muscle tone in the larger muscle groups arms. It also works on hand-eye coordination which will help them to develop control with using spoons and forks.


As they work through using all their senses whilst exploring your little one will be showing a high level of concentration. It also encourages them to make their own plan and see it through. Essential skills for life.

toddler playtime wakefield - toddler exploring shapes

Do you have any questions?

I had tonnes of questions before I joined a baby class!

If you have a question, you may find the answer below. If not please get in touch and i will answer them as soon as I can.

what happens if we miss a class?

You have a few options if you miss a class due to illness. I can add the session to the end of your block or I if I have space in a class on another date you are welcome to come along.  
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