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Baby Massage and Yoga
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About me . . .

Hello and welcome to Baby Bliss!

My name is Kelly and I am a mummy to two beautiful girls Sienna and Hallie and wife to Dave. 

I first discovered baby massage with my first baby and fell in love with it. After doing massage with my second baby I decided I wanted to be able to teach other parents too!

In class you will learn new techniques which will help to settle and soothe your baby, plus there will be cake and the opportunity to enjoy a hot brew! 

Community is really important to me and so you will be invited to become part of my FaceBook group, Baby Bliss Mummy Tribe where there is never a silly question. The group is also a place to keep up to date with social events such as play dates, buggy walks and child free nights out!

I can't wait to meet you and your baby!

Kelly x x x

Get in touch 💕

07824 705871

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon x

Help Center

What should I bring to each session?

Bring along a blanket so that you can partially cover your baby so that they don't get cold. You will also need your change bag and food for your baby. There is a kettle and a microwave if you need them. I will have a supply of nappies and wipes incase you forget them. I will provide mats, cushions, oil, hot drinks and cakes.

What if my baby cries during the session?

It is absolutely fine! Please don't worry. Your baby is just trying to communicate to you. They may be tired, cold, hungry or might just need a change of position it doesn't necessarily mean they are not enjoying the session. Follow your baby's cues - they are in charge. If you need to stop the session it's absolutely fine. We might find in some sessions all the babies cry together! Even if your baby cries for the full session you will still have left the house and had chance to chat to some other mummies - plus you will of had a hot brew and some cake!

What happens if I miss a class?

Things will happen that means you can't make a class and that's absolutely fine! When you join my classes you will be added to a WhatsApp group where i will advertise spaces in other classes so you may have the chance to catch up. 

How old does my baby need to be before we can start?

With baby massage or baby wearing dance i recommend you wait until you have both had your six week check with your doctor. You are more than welcome to put your name down on my waiting list so you can start as soon as you can. I continued baby massage with my youngest until she began crawling around and terrorising the younger babies! With baby yoga a lot of the movements require good head control and so as soon as your baby is showing good head control you can begin. This makes baby yoga a perfect follow on session to baby massage.

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